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Affluent apes, the richest breeds of bored and party apes set out on a journey travelling through the jungles and deserts, through the day and night without taking a break in search of a home generally spoken of to be the home of freedom, where there are no unfavourable demands such as gas fees leading to gas wars as a result of congestion of transactions. This home is a big space of apes called Immutable X (IMX), where affluent apes are going to be able to procreate and develop their community.

Surprisingly the affluent apes were not selfish with their wealth, they displayed their rare resources such that other members of the community can own without being charged for the transfer of the beautiful materials to their homes.

Affluent Apes Club is a great deal amongst other apes; possessing vast resources and experiences to lead the ecosystem of apes to a brighter future. We will help to alleviate the weakness of other dormant apes’ species and the nonchalant apes by bringing balance to the ecosystem.

apes sold in the public sale

NFTs to be given way to the community

Hand drawn traits


Stage 1 - Framework

Affluent Apes are getting close to the ecosystem, where other apes have been expecting them. One of the affluent apes known to be rich in gems is now in possession of the mysterious gem that will unlock the shining gate of the metaverse. At this stage, the highlighted points are checkpoints on the road

  • NFT Conceptualization
  • Developers team assembly
  • NFTs Design
  • Website design
  • IMX integration
Stage 2 - Awareness

A successful arrival is accomplished. Other metaverse folks are anxious to know what these special apes are up to. Here we are going to unveil our powerful plate containing secret information that has been kept for thousands of years.

  • Website Launch
  • The sneak peeks of our NFTs
  • And our Roadmap that’s blessing your heart right now
Stage 3 - Marketing and Promotions

After other metaverse elements see the great influence we intend to cause in the ecosystem. Upon our request, they will help in telling others about us, as we also move around other communities to get everyone informed, therefore enlarging our community.
Participants will be rewarded generously with huge giveaways and exclusive memberships.

Stage 4 - Presale/Public Launch

Minting will start on our website and then the apes will be listed on the Immutable X marketplace.
All community members who could not own any affluent apes since our arrival will now have the chance to own as many as desired. It will be competitive since there are a definite number of available affluent apes.

Stage 5 - Opensea integration

The rumors are true, IMX will be integretaing with opensea (Ethereum NFT marketplace) With further development from our team, Affluent apes will be one of the first IMX NFTs to be listed on Opensea. This will mean more eyes on this exclusive club and further hiring the floor price.

Stage 6 - Metaverse and Gaming

This stage is a key area in our ecosystem. We will own space in the metaverse, thoroughly designed in alignment with our concept. All designed elements of the space would be our creations. A carefully designed game space where we socialize with another, each character represented by our NFTs. Gamers get to earn and get rewarded for participating in the metaverse.

The Collection

The affluent apes NFTs dressed in royal regalia, shiny adornments, and rare ornaments. Their appearance commands honour and respect. Each member of the affluent apes’ family is especially rich with different resources. One can be known to possess rare gold, while another can be endowed with rare apparel.

The Team


Lead artist


Lead Artist




Head of Marketing


Head of marketing




Blockchain developer


Blockchain Developer


Affluent Apes Club is a special breed amongst the bored and party apes possessing vast resources and wealth and intelligence to lead the world of nft apes into the metaverse with great prosperity. With their richly filled casinos and more

Immutable X is The FIRST Layer 2 solution for NFTs on Ethereum. This means you can mint our NFTs with Ethereum with NO GAS FEES!

We will be listed on
1- The Mintable app (https://mintable.app/)
2- The official IMX Marketplace (https://market.x.immutable.com/assets?collection=0x8a9c06fe49ffba191609ca45505b869ca0270b71)
3- TokenTrove marketplace (tokentrove.com)

No. Transactions carried out in the project is totally FREE. It is solely to ensure that every member of the community gets to enjoy the resources available in this community.

No, you can use metamask to mint our NFTs

There are only 10,069 apes

es! We’re constantly doing giveaways on both our Twitter and discord so so be sure to join both for great opportunities to win money and NFTs, we have fantastic concepts for each of and every giveaway so be sure to join and participate! You can check out the discord for more information regarding our giveaways!

Yes. We are adding people to the whitelist through Discord. Join the Discord and participate in competitions to be added!

Presale 21st of December
Public: 22nd of December

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