Gorilla Gang is a collection of 10,000 NFTs. Like a snowflake, each collectible is a one-of-a-kind hand-drawn original. Inspired by art, comics, and global cultures, the artwork brought authenticity and down to the smallest details. By purchasing a panda, you’re also getting access to our exclusive community and some exciting bonus benefits.

We also create decentralized comics- a series of hilarious 4-panels with ideas coming from panda owners, we make it become your voice in the NFT space.

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Each Gorilla Gang collectable is 100% unique programmatically and randomly generated from over 200 traits. Gorilla Gang focuses on expressions, animation, and authenticity. The traits include food, clothing, headwear, and fun accessories. Some are animated, and some are rarer than others.
The Gorillas are stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain and hosted on IPFS. They’re tamper-proof and last forever.

Decentralize Comic

You can create a comic strip by sharing the community your idea with and voting on what gets published next! Get free early access to our comic including 4-panels, illustrations, and books, you may find your own gorilla expression there! Ever dreamed of making your own comic? You’re at the right place!

Weekly Contest

Each week, members vote on an art prompt. It can be anything. Anyone who is so inspired can submit their artwork on the weekly topics. Members then give scores to all the submitted work. The Workshop will purchase the top scoring artwork with 0.25 ETH. Win ETH & fame… the two best things you can get on this Earth.

Win Raffles

Our gorila community hosts a lot of raffles for our panda owners. You can win eth and panda NFT as rewards. Sharing is caring after all, panda love!

Community Wallet

The other 25% of all royalties collected through secondary market sales will be used to fund our community wallet. These funds may be offered in the form of grants to purchase community art, support member’s projects, reward creations, buybacks, and anything else the community decides is in the best interests of our pandas.




10,000 panda NFTs, every single piece is 1/1 and carefully designed with love.

Community Centered

Meet new friends! Connect with other like-minded enthusiasts.


More than an NFT art. Our community looks at the future and creates value.


Be the first to enjoy Wanna Panda comic and get involved in content creation. Comic never stops.

Full Ownership

Get full ownership and commercial copyright over your NFTs. Free to create derivatives.

Fairness & Charity

Fair launch, fair price, no bonding curve and every panda cost 0.07 ETH, and be part of the charity to wildlife foundations.


It is a cool piece of art and grants you to the coolest community! Is that not enough? But it also carries value and gives you a front seat in the NFT stage.

Because no single entity can decide what we create but the community.

A non-fungible token, using blockchain technology as a way to prove you have the ownership over one of a kind digital art/identity that people can buy and trade.

A non-fungible token, using blockchain technology as a way to prove you have the ownership over one of a kind digital art/identity that people can buy and trade.