TimeVerse - TVS

The World’s First Date Collection Metaverse of 3600 NFT  divided in 10 decade collection from 1950 to 2050 spacing out on the Solana Blockchain

Store your date in NFT Metaverse World

Countdown to minting


How to get accepted to Solana Art: http://solanart.io/

  • If you are a creator and would like to have your art listed on Solana Art, please fill this form:
  • https://forms.gle/owdArnDRwZL6Sbnk7
  • If there is a fit, we will be in touch with you.
  • Join Discord here:: https://discord.com/invite/solanart

Welcome to TimeVerse

The TimeVerse is the first metaverse when everyone can own a specific date in the past, present or future.TimeVerse sells time with all the unique moments already lived, that we are living and of the future
Every date is unique for sure and are divided into 4 categories depending on the rarity and historical event on that date.
Our digital creator Simone rapresent in from of digital Nft art the time in a unique opera, each NFT is, in its singularity, a work that intimately unites its owner with the chosen date, through which he can relive emotions related to his personal experiences. But each date and therefore each work is linked to its previous and subsequent, together they combine to form a general work that unites them all. A sort of creature, a tangle of synapses that come to life as new ones join the existing ones.
The date in the past, present and past can host event in the metaverse and the holders will be remunerate for the event from 0.3 SOL to 4 SOL according with the prestige and rarity of the date.
We’ll allow you finally to have a time trip, come back on a specific date of the past, live the present metaverse or go in the future.
The NFT TimeVerse  Date exist only as a virtual asset and have their own unique Date Art effects.
The entire timeframe gets conducted by a Complex Algorithm to generate a unique digital Nft Art reproduced by our talented digital creator Simone

Own your date and be part of our family

Holding a specific date is doing yourself a solid as it offers you a membership at the official Time Labs and allow you to host event or see your TimeVerse date increasing value according with the demand and the importance of that date for the metaverse.

At the TimeVerse the community is important so when we host event on that specific year, all NFT holder will earn a passive income even if is not on your specific date through the power of blockchain

For REAL Holder will organize random lotteries, raffle and airdrop and host collaboration with the most important NFT project, hodlers the chance to win dope prizes. These will include awesome NFT’s, SOL, giveaways, cash prizes

The holder will have the pre-emption to buy the rare date of the future collection

Why you have to stake your date?

-Transparency and provable scarcity

-Investment opportunity that increase value in the time

-Passive income from your date depending on the importance and rarity element

Holders who stake their date will earn recurring income as they will get 30% of the secondary-market royalties, issued on a monthly basis. The community wallet will receive 50% of the royalties and the remaining 20% is reserved for minters of the Time Labs Metaverse. So we give 100% of the royalties back to the community.

The TimeVerseDAO.

Holding a specific date will grant you access to the TimeVerseDAO. Meaning you’ll get your say in the project and will get to cast your vote on whatever the future brings to The TimeVerse . This will include choosing additional charities, deciding on project evolution and vote the different collaboration and event to host

Want to Join a Specific date of the year?

The Rarity System of Time Labs Metaverse

  • Our rarity system is divided in 4 category depending on the importance of different factors happened on that day or algorithm calculate in the future
  • The Days are divided between importance in legendary, common and normal days.
  • Every day is unique as you know and we have the limit buy for user.

Mint Your Date & Be Rewarded

Minting a TimeVerse Date means you’ll have a spaced-out NFT that you own a specific date on the Solana Blockchain, quite unheard of, even in the cryptoverse.

Rewards! Minters will be rewarded in various ways for minting their TimeVerse date, as our goal and belief is to give back to our community in as many ways as possible.

The rise of Crypto and more specifically NFTs have made it possible for people, whoever they are or whatever they do, to create value and happiness for each other in the most accessible way ever. That’s why we will provide following rewards to the minters of the Time Labs Metaverse Date:

Minters will be rewarded through airdrops DECIDE AIRDROP


Minters will get 20% of the secondary-market royalties, valid throughout the lifespan of the date in the metaverse The remaining 80% will be divided between the community wallet (50%) and for the hodlers (30%).

When all TimeVerse Date have been minted, 10 minters will each be granted for trip on Mars and so many event. We will provide a list of rare party and events. Minters, get your date on  🎉🎉🎉

With the expansion of the Time Labs Metaverse minters will get free kick-ass merchandising.

Swinging Roadmap

Time Labs Origins
  • Launch of the website
  • Create an off the hook Discord
  • Get verified on Twitter
  • Secure partnerships with Solana peers
  • Get listed on howrare.is
Buy your Date
  • Mint 10 Collection of 3600 TimeVerse Date
  • Airdrop (to decide)
  • Donation to chosen charities
  • Get listed on solanart.io
Grand Opening of Time Labs Metaverse Event
  • Lotteries, Airdrops and Raffles
  • Recurring income Hodlers
TimeVerse Expansion Ecosystem
  • Debut of new NFT’s
  • Host event with other NFT Project
  • New charities through DAO
  • NFT Collabs with Solana partners
  • Free TimeVerse Metaverse Date Merchandising
Time Labs Contest
  • Metaverse Nft Contest between present-past and future
  • Tecnology application in the real life trough special devices branded Time Labs
  • TimeVerse Metaverse Convention - Lisbon-Turin

Wazzup! Meet our Team.

How To Buy

To be able to buy a Time Labs Metaverse NFT following steps should be followed:

  1. First step in this process is to download the phantom extension in order to create a Solana Wallet.
  2. Second step is to top-up your Phantom wallet with SOL tokens. The most popular exchanges can be used for this like Coinbase and Binance.
  3. Thirdly is to find the secondary-market listings of Time Labs Meteverse. These include solanart.io and ….

Now you’re all set to get your date and keep your moment in the metaverse


TimeVerse is a space when everyone can be allowed to own in a form of NFT a specific date in the present, past or in the future.

Is the first project that allow to buy time in the metaverse and obtain that date as digital art NFT.

 Every owner will become part of our community and decide the sort of our precious time,

The minting price is 1 SOL each (0.75 SOL/presale) and the mint will take place on our website, keep an eye out for the minting date on our discord, twitter and website. No worries if you weren’t able to mint your TimeVerse Date because the secondary-market sales will go through solanart.io.

The purchasing process has a section of its own – How To Buy – on our website so we kindly refer you to this page. 

As we want to give everyone a chance to mint a TimeVerse Date we have set a limit for the minting at 1 per transaction and 10 for each wallet address.

We want to make the minting process as convenient as possible for our future minters. You’ll be able to mint through Sollet on your mobile. Keep in mind that if you want to use Phantom, you need to be connected to your desktop

Our rarity system has a section of its own on our website so we kindly refer you to this page.

To receive the latest news and updates regarding the TimeVerse project we advise you to subscribe to our Discord and Twitter.

The easiest way to reach us is through our Discord channel and on Twitter. Our team is active across multiple time zones so we’ll always be there to help and answer any questions you have, no matter the time. Looking forward to hearing from you!